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November 15, 2005

WSJ - New Advice on Getting Babies to Sleep; Dr. Ferber Softens Stance On Letting Infants Cry

Link goes to free summary by UPI:
Longtime polar opposites -- pediatricians Richard Ferber and William Sears -- have softened their stances on getting a crying baby to fall asleep.
Ferber, in an update of his landmark 1985 book "Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems" that is due in spring, will back off his position that a child should be allowed to cry untouched until he or she falls asleep. ...
At the same time, Sears in his just-released "The Baby Sleep Book" says parents need to consider their own rest and not necessarily respond to their crying baby day or night.

The Wall Street Journal:
These shifts are among the latest in a flurry of new guidance that seems aimed at offering practical solutions for parents -- neither too harsh nor too permissive.

Empirical validation is the key

  • Whole Language Movement sounded good in theory when it was proposed in the 70s--until it was carelessly and prematurely adopted nationwide, producing a generation of children with difficulty reading.

  • If inhibiting COX1 causes gastric ulcers, selectively blocking COX2 with Vioxx then indeed seems like a reasonable idea for targeted pain control.

  • If menopause is characterized most prominently by decreased female hormones, estrogen replacement therapy surely would correct the undesirable effects of menopause.

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