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November 17, 2005

Paul Krugman - A Private Obsession

Earlier this year Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum proposed bill to forbid the National Weather Service from competing with private weather forecasters in the U.S. (in particular AccuWeather of Pennsylvania)

Although [Senator Santorum] didn't say so explicitly, he wanted the service to funnel that information through private forecasters instead... it was a classic attempt to force gratuitous privatization: involving private corporations in the delivery of public services even when those corporations have no useful role to play.

The Medicare drug benefit is an example of gratuitous privatization on a grand scale.

One day, many generations from now, when all medical records become electronic, when every senior is well-informed of the risks and benefits of every medication for every disease that they may develop with known probability, the wisdom of the market will triumph. Oh yes it will.

[update: please also see post on Prof Krugman's 11/25 column]

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