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November 24, 2005

AP - South Korean cloning pioneer apologizes

�I am very sorry that I have to tell the public words that are too shameful and horrible,� Hwang said, appearing downcast and solemn before a packed news conference. �I should be here reporting the successful results of our research, but I�m sorry instead to have to apologize.�

�Ethics and science are the two wheels that drive the civilization of mankind,� Hwang said. �Scientific research should be conducted within the boundaries of ethics but in reality, there were some cases in which the ethics regulations backing (quickly developing) science had not been in place.�

�The responsibility for all disputes and controversy lies on me,� Hwang said. �I will not make any excuse.�

Professor (Woo-suk Hwang), a national hero and a de facto celebrity in South Korea, will resign as head of the World Stem Cell Hub �to atone to the public.�

Extensive coverage at the official blog of the American Journal of Bioethics, including a very interesting unsigned comment
A comment from Korea... Through a series of media interviews and lectures, Prof Hwang has been strongly advocating that the development of stem cell therapy is just around the corner and it would save hundreds of thousands of lives.

Despite [the revelations] ... a considerable number of Korean citizens think that that's not an important issue at all. Because .... for them, Prof Hwang's research "IS" a cure for incurable diseases ... for them, his research "IS" a solution for the Korean economy. These people think that the societal debates about complex bioethical issues are unnecessary, if not harmful to the patients and the Korean economy.

It was also reported, via JoonAng Daily, that Professor Hwang's supporters have started a "I love Hwang Woo-suk" website, on which numerous women have already pledged to donate their eggs for stem cell reearch.

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