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November 30, 2005

ABC News - Baby Coach Teaches Newborns to Sleep All Night

Accompanying video clip.

The first few weeks with a newborn are all a blur, as "Good Morning America Weekend Edition" co-anchor Kate Snow can tell you. Her baby, Abby, is 11 weeks old.

Suzy Giordano, whose book, "Twelve Hours' Sleep by Twelve Weeks Old: A Step-by-Step Plan for Baby Sleep Success," will be out in January, teaches babies how to sleep through the night.

After Giordano leaves, she coaches Snow and Breault by e-mail for weeks. It's a time-consuming effort, but the payoff has been huge. At 11 weeks, Abby sleeps 10 hours every night.

"By the time she's 12 weeks of age, three months, she will be able to sleep 12 hours straight," said Giordano, who has been coaching new parents � mostly professionals in their 30s and 40s in the Washington, D.C., area, where she's based � for 13 years.

According to the Amazon Editorial Review,
Suzy Giordano is the mother of five children, the youngest being fraternal twin boys. Also known as the Baby Coach, Suzy has worked with hundreds of Washington, D.C. area families as a baby sleep specialist for the past ten years.

This is her website.

From a WaPo Article on Suzy Giordano back in 6/2005, by Jennifer Frey,

Suzy is Suzy Giordano, aka "the baby coach," a petite, Brazilian-born woman who is an underground legend in the Washington area for her ability to teach newborn babies how to achieve that parenting nirvana: sleeping through the night.

Interestingly in the WaPo article it is "Good Morning America"'s senior correspondent Claire Shipman and her husband Time magazine correspondent Jay Carney who need help with their baby,
[They] have a 4 1/2 -week-old baby and a 3 1/2 -year-old toddler. They celebrate five-hour sleep nights, they're not so sure where they left things -- maybe it's somewhere over there in the kitchen? -- and they don't know when they'll next have time for each other, let alone themselves.

But they have Suzy.

I have not read the book so I won't comment on the Baby Coach's methods. Since I'm such a fan of baby sleep methods, I'll be reviewing Ms. Girodano's book when it comes out in Jan 2006.

We note that like the Baby Coach, Dr. Harvey Karp is also moving towards a service-oriented approach. He has been touring the U.S. and Canada to promote his new certification program, which will train THB Educators, analogous to Lactation Consultants and childbirth Educators.

From Dr. Karp's FAQ,
Especially since a lot of Happy Baby is counterintuitive - the worry it will spoil baby, parents think it is a fad, baby may resist the swaddle, shush seems too loud, swinging, colic, parents needing to know when to suspect problem and when to call MD, etc.

Apparently this program is doing pretty well, with hundreds of participants already.

I welcome this trend. From discussions with pediatricians and non-pediatricians I meet during rotations, it appears that Dr. Karp's methods are quite conceptually appealing to medical professionals. And certainty it seems many people who have tried it find it immensely helpful.

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