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"In practical medicine the facts are far too few for them to enter into the calculus of probabilities... in applied medicine we are always concerned with the individual" -- S. D. Poisson

October 30, 2005

PubMed Assistant (PuMA), the PubMed front-end of your dreams!

What I like the most about this program:

  1. Small and fast to load
  2. Ability to save complex searches and their results
  3. Breaks down complex query strings hierarchically and visually
  4. Displays Outlook-style the list of results, the abstracts, and the MeSH terms

My only gripe, in my limited experience with it, is the sometimes-awkward arrangement of the UI. Also a few keyboard shortcuts would be nice. Oh yes and in this Web 2.0 era, perhaps a central site of storage of my search results. (hint hint, Google)

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