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October 22, 2005

How Not To Give a Presentation

From Clinical Cases and Images blog: How Not To Give a Presentation: " Some advice how NOT to do a good job when presenting:- How not to give a presentation by the former BMJ editor Richard Smith. This article lists truly invaluable pearls of wisdom like:'Bad slides are the traditional standby of a bad presentation. There must be far too many. They must contain too much information and be too small for even those in the front row to read. Flash them up as fast as you can, ensuring that they are in the wrong order...' BMJ 2000;321:1570-1571 (23 Dec)- Maxims for Malfeasant Speakers - by Norman Ramsey at the Harvard Electrical Engineering and Computer Science And finally some real advice how TO give a presentation:- Tips on... Grand round presentations - BMJ Career Focus 2005"

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